A dream of recursion.

What is stack?

What is heap?

Ok, and then, what is recursion?

float _pow_recursion(float x, float y)
if (y == 0)
return (1);
if (y < 0)
return (_pow_recursion(x, y + 1) / x);

return (_pow_recursion(x, y - 1) * x);
_pow_recursion(2, 3).
if (y == 0)
return (1)
if (y < 0)
return (_pow_recursion(x, y + 1) / x);return (_pow_recursion(x, y - 1) * x);
if (y == 0)
return (1);
return (_pow_recursion(x, y — 1) * x);

Wrapping up:




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Flavio Orlando

Flavio Orlando

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